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Making Learning Connections

Identifying and sharing new developments in learning, promoting their applications by connecting ideas with practice of all kinds
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A major educational initiative delivering valuable memory techniques to primary schools

"We feel developing memory skills is a priority at our school, and your materials have given such a clear structure in how to implement this in school.  Thank you!"
Anna (Cvijetic)
Headteacher at Crowle Primary Academy

Sponsored by The Learning Skills Foundation®, now going into its 8th year.
Understanding Learning

Learnus is a new Think Tank. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of our charity, Learning Skills Research. Our mission is to act as a bridge between the latest academic research and the classroom and to share our findings with education policy makers.

Our membership includes neuroscientists, educationalists, psychologists, teachers, policy makers, and commentators.  Membership is free.
Money Stuff
For maths students who score low marks in class and homework

"Shirley Conran has brought maths alive.  This will be a 'must have' book for everyone who wants to make a success of life."
Caroline Shott CEO The Learning Skills Foundation

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Maths Action
A sister organisation to The Learning Skills Foundation www.mathsaction.org.uk

An independant, not for profit, organisation with no political affiliations which aims to help improve maths performance in Britain.
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Learning Skills Research
Registered Charity No: 1124064

Learning Skills Research is an independent charitable organisation devoted to improving the quality of learning. It raises funds for scientific research, public lectures and policy development in the revolutionary field of educational neuroscience and for other academic research programmes that will lead to the discovery of new learning techniques.
Sir Brian Tovey
Sir Brian Tovey KCMG
15 April 1926 to 23 Dec 2015
Founder Patron

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